Handcrafted in Bend, Oregon

We are Deseco

Hybrid Wood Garage Doors

Our master craftsmen build the custom Deseco hybrid garage doors in Bend, Oregon.  No matter what look you’re going for, we can make it.  Carriage House, Modern, Rustic. We can make them look like 100 year old barn doors or clean lined and modern. One thing remains consistent, at the core is the Deseco EverTrue™ galvanized steel frame and polyiso insulation. They are all custom made and all made with pride.

Deseco doors combine three essential elements for finely crafted beauty and performance.

Every Deseco Hybrid Garage Door combines an engineered, light yet rigid, galvanized steel frame, with a Polyiso insulative core, and beautiful wood exterior and interior. For more information on handling and installation, visit our frequently asked questions page.

Designed and constructed for
HOT and COLD climates

Deseco Garage doors are insulated and constructed for excellent performance and eco-friendly energy efficiency in both cold and hot climates. 

Smart. Economical. Environmentally Friendly.

Standard and Custom Options.

Recognizing the value added in a garage door that is both aesthetically pleasing and well insulated, we have emphasized streamlining the design on standard sizes while offering a variety of wood species and window options to replace existing prefabricated garage doors. The Deseco team also welcomes working with designers and architects to deliver fully custom designs and sizes.

Be Green. Save Money.

There is no reason to have a garage that’s bone chilling cold in winter oppressively hot in summer.  Our doors come in a range of R values and always seal up tight. They’ll help reduce your winter heating, summer cooling, make your home environmentally sound, and increase the curb appeal of your home.

Save money on your heating bill and raise your property value with Deseco.