Frequently asked questions

Deseco Hybrid Garage Doors install like any other roll-up overhead garage door. Same track, rollers, springs and motor. 

Merely swapping out your original door is an option if you currently have a wood door— weight tends to be the issue and there will likely be a spring adjustment. The installer will advise a hardware replacement if needed.

Deseco’s engineered EverTrue™ framing holds the polyiso insulation. This system, combined with the beautiful birch interior and wood sheeted exterior comprise the Deseco-Core. A strong, rigid system that won’t warp, twist or buckle, is lightweight (in comparison to other framing methods) and highly insulative. 

Deseco Hybrid Garage Doors ship in 6 weeks from receipt of order.

Deseco Doors are comparably priced to traditional wood doors with a lot of added value. High insulative quality, engineered Deseco-Core™ that doesn’t warp or bend over time, and trimmed out in a beautiful wood exterior.

The doors make a difference

Deseco Hybrid Garage Doors keep the rooms above and adjacent to the garage far more comfortable than uninsulated metal or wood garage doors. Contact us for more information.