4 Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

Your garage space can be a home to many things, so it’s essential to pick a door that can provide the most practical benefits. Deseco insulated garage doors allow for better thermal regulation to keep your space warm during cold weather and cool during summer. Whether you have an attached or a detached enclosed parking space, you’ll experience the benefits of insulated garage doors like:

  1. Energy Efficiency

The insulation sitting in the middle of the door panels retains heat in cold temperatures and keeps it out in hot weather. Deseco hybrid garage doors help save energy by keeping the parking area at a desirable temperature throughout the seasons. This means it protects adjacent interior rooms and halls from cold drafts or heat waves, demanding less use from a heater or an air-conditioning unit. This consequently affects the connected hallways and above living space, demanding less use for a heating or a cooling system.

  1. Noise Dampening

Regular garage doors can cause such a racket when opening or closing. Insulated ones save you from all of that fuss. The polyiso closed-cell foam inside Deseco door panels absorbs most of the sound and vibration during operation, reducing squeaks and clatters. It also provides sound dampening by muffling the noise from outside.

  1. Durability

The engineered EverTrue™ Galvanized Steel Frame makes Deseco insulated garage doors lightweight but still rigid and robust. You don’t have to worry because they don’t warp, sag, or deform in any way, even when exposed to the elements. Deseco’s lightweight sandwich construction makes the doors extremely light, which also helps maintain the longevity of the chains, rollers, hinges, and springs.

  1. Practicality

Deseco insulated garage doors help create an overall comfortable space where you can do so much more than parking or storage. It lets you enjoy an area where you could craft, work, and even hang out for a while without actually stepping outside.

The Deseco Difference

Proudly made by master craftsmen in Bend, Oregon, these doors embody the fusion of pleasing aesthetics and well-thought-out functionality. Reach out to Deseco for more information.

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